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Imagination meet Creativity.

Residential Design

If designing the perfect home was easy, everyone would do it. Let’s face it…architects look at buildings completely differently than you do. Ditto a vacant lot. Activities that will go on in any given space drives their creative juices. Hiring a good architect assures the best use of all your spaces.


Commercial projects often require an architect’s design - that much is true. The experience your architect has is crucial to your project. Having an architect who truly understands how the form of design meets the function of construction, is the added bonus.

Residential Remodel

Remodeling is often not the “do-it-yourself” project we see on TV. An experienced architect can bring knowledge of construction techniques, provide the ability to comprehensively assess your project, as well as provide innovative ideas; all the while averting disasters.

Historic Preservation

Historically designated buildings require expert renovations by architects experienced with Historic Ordinances and Codes. Feather & Gill Architects is an award-winning historic renovation firm.